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A New Case File Opened on Cozy Mysteries:

The Face of Cozy Mysteries Changes Forever...

Fans may cry out. Amateur sleuths may arm themselves with glue guns and needlepoints. And beloved cat and dog sidekicks may cower in corners. But there's no need for tea shops and bakeries to hang their Closed signs.

Author A.E.H. Veenman's Marjorie Garden Mystery series merely suggest "Cozies can be more than knitting grannies, cats, and cookbooks".

The Digital Age Cozy embodies all the usual characteristics of the genre, but come with an all-important upgrade. The Cozy Mystery has been hacked... Don't run your antivirus software.


Christmas 2016: A Killer App (Marjorie Gardens Mystery #3)

Defense attorney Isis Ferrelli has her latest case with the death of the nation's Pop Queen of Bling Bling, twenty-three year old Anita K-Pop.  But how does Isis's Christmas present coincide with the young recording artist's death? Furthermore, how does one of her All-Star amateur sleuths, Jedemiah Briggs (a kindhearted resident of Point Shirley) end up being the last person to see the starlet alive?


Perhaps the popular app, WeBuy  can download more than answers. WeBuy appears to have created a legal gray area comparable to shooting fish in a barrel! With everyone hailing a driver or shopper at the tap of a finger, there are plenty of fish, unpredictable amount of barrels, and untraceable shooters.


Isis fears Anita K-Pop may have been the first victim of a yet-to-emerge crime spree—if she doesn't take the WeBuy Killer offline for good.

Dial QR for murder gets a five doll review!

"Totally different and wonderful characters! What a great break from the ordinary."


     Twenty-five, russet-blond bed-hair, a tantalizing cross between Russell Crowe and Josh Dallas: it was Norman Kane all right. A star-shaped entry wound blackened on his forehead indicated up close and personal. I had certainly seen enough case photos to recognize an execution when I saw it.

     I turned to the lead detective and medical examiner, both middle-aged veterans in their respective fields, and addressed the ME. “I’m all ears, Nick. What do you have for me?”

     “Retracted a .38 Special round from the victim’s brain. I’m waiting on ballistics to confirm. I put the time of death between one and three.” The short, thin man with glasses covered the body and then motioned toward the tall, husky gentleman in the room. “As I explained to Detective Tudor, this is pretty straightforward, no bruising or markings to indicate a fight. Our vic didn’t put up a struggle.”

     So, Norman’s attack caught him off guard, a total surprise. I realized what that meant.

    The handsome billionaire knew his killer.

Summer 2016 Release:

Prepped for the Kill (Marjorie Gardens Mystery #2)


      I glanced worriedly at Ray. “Who’s got the elevator?” He stared back.

     The lift should have been two floors beneath us. Listening to the hum of its motor was intense, its slowing grind coming near, not knowing what we’d encounter when it finally stopped.

     Ding! I took cover behind Ray who obligingly shielded me. “What in tarnation?”

     I peeked around him at parts strewn inside and came out of hiding. “Jed did this?” We offered each other a whimsical glance. “What’s he doing now?”

     Ray huffed and planted a foot on a bare spot, shoving a path for me with his other. I entered and we rode down to Tier -8.

     The door opened, but we couldn’t leave.

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