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God Why, a charity song by Diversity Genre™   (alternative music) duo 3RD Season, band members Nene and Jess, indie label Exobia.

Full Single Now Available

(Your donation comes with a discount on your next purchase from our website. Don't forget to download your coupon at checkout.)

"Don't ask God, Why... 'Cause the devil says, Why Not?"

Recording mastered by Matt Denton

at Ragged Birds Music http://raggedbirdsmusic.com

We consider ourselves fortunate to have had Matt contribute his time and expertise in preparing God Why for download. For your contribution, we are happy to offer a 10% discount towards your next purchase from our website. Please review the following details:

Discounts are one-time use only and will be registered to you when you enter the code on the PayPal page, in the field marked 'Instructions to Sender'. Do not forget to do this.Make sure you are reachable at the email address on your PayPal account. This is where we will send your redeemable voucher from 3rdseason@exobia.com. Add us to your safe list to make sure you receive the attachment.

Proceeds from your donation will be paid in lump sums to various humanitarian efforts worldwide.

Below is a tentative list of those organizations.

Samara's Aid Appeal...Samara Levy

CHARITY Samara's Aid Appeal listed on the website of 3RD Season's humanitarian efforts page.

"In a world where there is so much luxury amid so much poverty, those of us who have, need to share with those who don't.  There is so much suffering, and the needs are so great, yet every one of us can do something to make a difference."

View a video presentation from Samara's Aid Appeal at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzQl0_sGMfw

Click the Donation Box to visit Samara's Aid Appeal, or go to http://www.samarasaidappeal.org/.

Care 4 Calais

Care 4 Calais Project:

Art & Music Workshops... a particularly symbiotic volunteer effort!

CHARITY Care4Calais listed on the   website of 3RD Season's humanitarian efforts page.

"Art & Music Workshops: We arrange for volunteers to facilitate art and music workshops at camps and French welcome centres. Creativity is welcomed! For example, Joan, a volunteer from the US, thought it would be nice to do something creative and spontaneous.

She and Andre brought art equipment so refugees and volunteers could paint and spray paint shelters and shops, transforming dull tarpaulin into personalities of artistic expression."

View a video presentation from Care 4 Calais at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y89XALdvnM

Click this Photo to visit Care4Calais, or go to http://care4calais.org/projects/.

If you would like to donate to groups based in Calais, contact one of the established warehouses. You can contact them on the following email addresses to find out what is needed and to book in a drop date:
•    L’Auberge des Migrants/Help Refugees: calaisdonations@gmail.com; or
•    Care4Calais: clare@care4calais.org.


CHARITYCalaid listed on the ebsite of 3RD Season's humanitarian efforts page.

"Us Brits have a national obsession with a good cuppa!  Spice it up, get some friends and family round, and you could raise money for CalAid’s work with refugees across Europe and into the Middle East. 


Chai a little tenderness for those forced to leave their homes and help us keep refugees safe, warm and hopeful of a better tomorrow."

For more info on this and other brilliant fundraising activities, please click the image above to visit the CalAid website, or go to http://calaid.co.uk/category/helping-refugees/.

...A Word from 3RD Season...

Please schedule fifteen minutes to check your closet for that scarf you hid when you saw a hipster wearing the same one... Or perhaps, that REALLY long blanket grandma knitted until she ran out of yarn?


There are refugees (men, women, children, babies) displaced in the EU and abroad this winter, sleeping on frozen mud. There are homeless citizens of wherever you are, living in the cold too.


Folks, I don't care who you give to >>> Just Give<<<

My donation went to Samara's Aid Appeal in the UK.

Amnesty International
HUMAN RIGHTS Amnesty International listed on the   website of 3RD Season's humanitarian efforts page.

Become a Pocket Protestor to help defend free speech and stand up for human rights, simply by using your mobile phone.

Pocket Protest is our SMS Action Network. It’s made up of more than 3,000 passionate people who use their mobile phone to defend free speech and stand up for human rights.

Hands of Hope
Love A Child Missionaries